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Calsome Nutritious Cereal Drink (Original)

৳ 850.00
Nutrition : Amount per serving : Total Calories -110 kcal, Calories from fat- 23.4kcal. You can try it .                         = Daily value% Total fat- 2.6g ------------------------4% Saturated fat 1.5g -----------------------7.5% Cholesterol 0mg------------------------0% Sodium 52mg------------------------------2.2% Total Carbohydrate 20.6g------------6.9% Sugars 13g Dietary fiber 0.5g--------------------------2% Protein 1g Vitamin A --------------------------------------0% Vitamin C --------------------------------------0% Calcium -----------------------------------------16% Iron-------------------------------------------------0% >Good food and good health. Origin -----------------------Myanmar Manufactured -----------Myanmar VB Company ltd. Package type ------------- plastic bag Weight -----------------------750gm (25×30sachets) Delivery --------------------1-5 Working days Call for order -------------01811360534