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Sweet Tamarind (মিষ্টি তেঁতুল আচার)

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Nutritional value of tamarind: Tamarind has many nutrients. Every 100 grams of raw tamarind contains 24 mg of calcium, and ripe tamarind contains 180 mg. The amount of iron in raw tamarind is: 1 mg, and ripe tamarind contains protein. 0 mg. Other nutrients in raw tamarind are - 1.1 g of carbs, 13.9 g of carbohydrate, 0.2 g of fat, 0.01 mg of vitamin B1,0.02 mg of vitamin B2,8 mg of vitamin c, 1.2 g of mineral salt and 62 kcal of food energy. But the nutritional value of ripe tamarind is a little higher. Each ripe tamarind fruit contains 3.1 g of meat, 64.4 g of carbohydrate, 0.1 g of fat, 0.07 mg of vitamin B2, 3 mg of vitamin C, 0.1 mg of vitamin E, 113 mg of phosphorus, 28 mg of sodium, 628 mg of potassium, 92 mg of magnesium. , 0.12 mg zinc, 0.86 mg copper and 283 kcal of dietary energy. Origin-----------------Thailand Weight----------------450gm Stock--------------------Available Delivery---------------1-5 Working days Call for order-------01811360534