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Red plum

৳ 380.00
We always try to give the customer the best quality product. Which we collect directly from Teknaf port. It is a fruit that can be eaten raw or ripe in any condition.

Mango acher

৳ 100.00
About this product: Mango is a favorite fruit of all and the demand for raw mango as well as mango pickle is increasing day by day. So we collect good mango pickles from reliable importers considering the huge demand for mango pickles. Of course you can accept our product as a buyer.
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Churi Dry Fish (ছুরি শুটকি)

৳ 800.00
Note: 100% Organic Churi dry fish and without pesticide.(দামে নয় মানে যাচাই করুন) Nutrition: 6.1 grams of protein, 639 milligrams of calcium, 800 milligrams of phosphorus, 4.2 milligrams of iron, 363 calories. Minimum Order ---------------1kilo Product type----------------------100% Organic and Chemical free Delivery ----------------------------1-5 Working days Stock ---------------------------------Available Call for Order---------------------01811360534

Loittra Dry fish (লইট্রা শুটকি মাছ)

৳ 700.00
Note: 100% Organic dry fish and without pesticide.  Nutrition : Lytra dried fish contains calcium which helps in controlling high blood pressure. And these dried fish have more iron. Those who suffer from anemia can take it. Litter Dry: 81.6 grams of protein, 161 milligrams of calcium, 240 milligrams of phosphorus, 20 milligrams of iron and 295 calories. Minimum order-------------------1kilo Product type ------------------------100% Organic Delivery -------------------------------1-5 Working days Stock-------------------------------------Available Call for order------------------------01811360534  

Kachki Sutki (কাঁছকি শুটকি)

৳ 650.00
Note: 100%Organic dry fish and without pesticide Nutrition : Per 100 grams of kanchaki Shutki. > 18.2 grams of protein > Calcium 110milligrams > 1.4 grams of minerals > Fat 2.5 grams > Vitamin C 18 milligrams > Carbohydrates 3.2 gm > Iron 1.1milligrams > Energy 108 kcal Weight ----------------------1 kilo Minimum order--------- 1kilo Delivery ---------------------1-5 Working days Product Type -------------100% natural and pesticide free Call for order--------------01811360534


৳ 280.00
Contains : Energy 2134kj/26%  Total fat 27.6g/46%  Carbohydrate 58.4g/19%. Good food and health. Weight ------------------- 400gm Delivery ----------------- 1-7 Working days Stock------------------------ Available Call for order ----------- 01811360534


৳ 170.00
Benefits : Covered well with great flavored coffee candy paper. You can easily eat this coffee candy in any situation. It contains vitamins, minerals and energy that will help you relieve fatigue. So coffee lovers can taste the original coffee by eating this candy. Weight ---------------150gm Delivery -------------1-7 Working days Call for order ------01811360534

Al- Islami Chocolate

৳ 300.00
We import these products from importers after maximum verification of product quality. And arrange to keep the products at the specified temperature so that the quality of the product is maintained. You can definitely accept our product as a buyer. Be sure to check the quality of the product and collect. Weight -------------------200gm Stock---------------------- Available Delivery ----------------- 1-7 Working days Payment ----------------- Cash on delivery Call for order---------- 01811360534